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Manual Hoists

A hoist is a mechanical lifting device that uses a pulley to create a mechanical advantage. A manual hoist uses different gear ratios to reduce strain on the user. As the chain or lever is actuated, the drum rotates at a lower gear than the lift trolley in a process called reeving.

A manual hoist is the simplest type of hoist. It provides up to 10 tons of lifting at an incredibly affordable price. Once installed, it can dramatically increase productivity while reducing strain on the body. Typically, manual hoists are available for lifting heights up to 30 feet.

Also called toolbox hoists, they’re typically used for lifting mid-weight power tools and shop items, including engine blocks and moderately heavy equipment. They can be small enough to carry in your toolbox and hung where needed.

Manual hoists come in a variety of types and configurations. There is a range of options, but all of them offer the same three benefits:

  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Heavy-duty, industrial construction

Uses for Manual Hoists

Due to the low cost and lightweight, a manual hoist can be used throughout commercial and industrial enterprises. For industrial applications, they’re useful for work cells and may be found under large overhead cranes. Often found in maintenance shops, they’re also used for

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture and ranch
  • Mining and oil
  • Public utilities

Types of Manual Hoists

A lever lift hoist uses a hand-actuated lever to ratchet the lift up or down. They’re mostly used for pulling, lifting, or positioning. They’re usually much faster than the hand-pulled chain type but don’t offer as much lifting capacity as the toughest chain-types. However, they can move loads in any direction and are great for tight quarters.

A hand chain hoist uses a continuous chain to raise and lower the load. Instead of ratcheting a gear to move the lift, a simple pull chain rotates the gears. They’re mostly used for vertical lifting and lowering. The simplest type of hoist can lift as little as a quarter-ton or as much as 10 tons.

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Hoosier Crane has a wide selection of hoists and cranes. Our engineers and sales staff are available to guide you in selecting the perfect hoist for your needs. We’ve been selling cranes to businesses and industries throughout the region since 2002, and we’ll have the right manual hoist for your application.