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HOOSIER CRANE can provide comprehensive Overhead Crane Operators Training. This on-site course is 2-3 hours and covers the OSHA, ASME and CMAA requirements for becoming a qualified crane operator.

  • ASME B30.2-3.1 Qualifications for and conduct of operators
  • CMAA Crane Operators Manual

ASME B30.2-3.1.1 Purpose of Crane Operator Training states that crane operator training shall be provided to promote proficient performance of a crane operator in conformance with the provisions...

Are your Overhead Crane Operators Trained to Know:

  • How to control load swing?
  • Emergency stop Signals
  • How much weight they can lift safely with each crane they operate?
  • Proper shut down procedures?

Inexperienced or poorly trained overhead crane operators are a liability and a danger to other employees, your equipment and your company's bottom line.  Prevent OSHA fines, costly down times, employee injury or equipment damage by ensuring that your overhead crane operators are trained to safely and efficiently operate your cranes.  Hoosier Crane can perform training either at your site with your equipment or at our location in Elkhart, Indiana.  We can even train and prepare your staff with the tools and knowledge to be trainers themselves.  

Call or email us for more information about Overhead Crane Operator Training.

Training of all operators will include the following:

  • Capacities of equipment and attachments.
  • Purpose, use and limitation of controls.
  • How to make daily checks.
  • The energizing sequences, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical sequences.
  • Start-up and shutdown procedures.
  • Emergency shutdown procedures.
  • General operating procedures.
  • All basic signaling procedures, including hand, radio, or telephone signals, where required.
  • Knowledge of applicable OSHA Standards and other applicable standard (CMAA, ASME, etc..)
  • Practice in operating the assigned equipment through the mechanical functions necessary to perform the required task.
  • Maximum rated capacity of the crane.

OSHA Compliant Operator Requirements

  • Training
  • Testing
  • Qualifications to be an operator
  • Conduct of an operator
  • Crane Terminology- Definitions
  • Parts of the crane
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Visual Inspection
  • Checking the pendant
  • Daily Inspection Form
  • Frequent and Periodic Inspections
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Pre Planning
  • House Keeping
  • Lifting the load
  • Moving and Setting the load