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The Crane for Personal Use

The Shop Crane is one of those items that prompts customers to ask, "Do I really need this?" Then, two months later they wonder how they ever lived without it. If you are into vehicle restoration or building hot rods you can get a Shop Crane for less than the cost of a nice set of wheels and tires and have it installed on a Saturday afternoon.  It is great for maintenance on farm or golf course equipment, making it easy to lift mower decks or snow plows up for maintenance and installation.

Do not worry about if it will fit, the Shop Crane was designed to fit in standard garages and to maximize headroom, how high you can lift a load.

Shop Crane

Affordable Overhead Bridge Crane System for Your Garage or Workshop

The Shop Crane is an overhead bridge crane system design for use in non-industrial applications. That means your garage, pole barn, workshop, man cave,  whatever light duty applications call for lifting more than you can handle by hand.  The Shop Crane system uses two parallel steel tracks, or runways, to guide a steel bridge over your work space. The crane features a non-binding trolley that glides along the inside of the enclosed track bridge to give you complete coverage within the frame of the Shop Crane.

Shop Crane by Gorbel fills a gap that has long existed at the lower cost end of the material handling industry.  We work with customers every day in factories and businesses that use overhead bridge cranes in industrial applications.  A common comment we hear after a new Gorbel Workstation Crane is installed is "Man I wish I had one of these in my Garage at home..."  Guys see how easily they can maneuver heavy loads at work and naturally start to think about how a crane in their garage at home could help them get a job done faster and safer.