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Extend the Service Life of Your Crane

Give your old crane a new life by modernizing it. Modernization will improve operational performance to meet changing production demands and reduce operating and maintenance costs. You may want to increase the speed and lifting capacity, enhance ergonomics and operator comfort, apply new safety features and positioning capabilities, or simply replace high-maintenance, obsolete components with newer technology. Whatever your needs may be, modernization may be a viable option to protect and extend your original investment.

Cost Efficient Option

While it may be time for a new crane or hoist, the reality is that budgets might not allow the purchase of new equipment. Modernizing your crane is the cost effective and productive solution you could be looking for. Hoosier Crane has the expertise to retrofit hoists and cranes, no matter the make or model, updating them to run more efficiently and at a lower cost. Modernization can help increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce downtime, saving you money.

Rebuild Your Productivity

Hoosier Crane can help you to achieve greater performance and throughput or support an entirely new process. With the right modernization, you will end up with a fully integrated system that is custom tailored to the needs of your operation. Modernization also gives you an opportunity to add current technologies. Common modernizations include replacing hoists, trolleys, and controls to achieve increased capacity, speed, duty cycle and load control. Modernizations can also include a variety of automation to reduce the risk of human error in the workplace.

We can complete upgrades during routine facility shutdowns or staged between operating shifts to minimize the impact on production schedules.

Create a Safer Workspace

Older overhead cranes may have older parts that are unreliable, prone to failure, or no longer meet safety regulations. Modernizing parts enhances safety by replacing older (and sometimes obsolete) parts with reliable new components and will help you comply with current safety regulations. It also may reduce the risk of downtime, injuries or damage to facilities, materials, or products.

Our Crane Modernizations Include

  • Re-engineering to meet new production requirements
  • Crane structural modifications for increased capacity
  • Runway modifications for increased coverage and capacity
  • Electrical systems
  • Control systems
  • Mechanical systems
    • Structural repairs
    • Rebuilds for existing equipment
    • Capacity upgrades
    • Replacement of end trucks
    • Moving Equipment
  • Hoists - remanufactured or new