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Everything you need to get up and Running

Virtually every jib crane needs a hoist. The hoist connects the crane and the item to lift, so it’s no less important a choice, but there are many different types. The simplest solution is a jib and hoist bundle.

Get production up and running sooner with everything you need in one of our bundles.

Installation is easy. We include all the mounting hardware and cranes can be bolted directly to your existing floor without adding special foundations.

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The Jib and Hoist Bundle

When you purchase a jib crane kit, it includes every piece of hardware needed to get you up and running quickly. Kits make installation very easy; they include the jib crane, hoist, and additional hardware, including:

  • Anchor bolts
  • Anchor bolt epoxy
  • Epoxy dispenser
  • Festoon clamp
  • Festoon gliders
  • Rotation stops

The hoist is carefully matched to your needs and the jib. Bundled hoists come with a two-button pendant, along with direct-acting upper and lower limit switches.

Select Your Bundle

Choosing the Right Bundle for your Application

Select Your Bundle

When choosing a jib and hoist bundle, there are six factors to look out for:

  • Lift capacity
  • Span
  • Height Under Boom (HUB)
  • Voltage
  • Lift Speed
  • Brand of crane and hoist

When choosing lift capacity, you generally don’t need to add wiggle room to the weight. However, you should consider any plans for increased weight ratings where the crane will be installed.

The span and HUB are also important. Consider where the jib will be swinging. Does it need to rotate 360 degrees? Are there any obstructions? What about above or below the jib? What voltages are available, and do you have three-phase power? Finally, is there a specific lift speed you need?

Other Jib Crane Options

If you don’t get the kit, you’ll usually choose the crane type first, then the hoist. Each jib crane is designed for a different use, and each has a range of hoists it’ll support. The four basic types of jib crane are:

  • Wall mount
  • Floor mount
  • Mast type
  • Articulating

Wall mount cranes are great when there’s a lack of floor space. Floor mount and mast type often offer a higher weight rating, while articulating ones are specially designed to work around obstacles.

The Hoist

The hoist is, to some degree, secondary to the choice of a crane. In all cases, it must match the crane specifications. Some hoists are hand-powered, but others require electricity and a smooth track for motorized movement. Along with the weight of the item being lifted, the hoist is the most important factor in your choice.

Hoosier Values

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If you have questions about the brand – or anything else – our engineers are standing by to answer everything. With so many options, there’s a jib and hoist bundle to fit every need and all budgets. We’ve been installing cranes for nearly 20 years and have the best reputation in the Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Chicago areas.