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Semi Gantry Crane

Semi gantry cranes are a special type of crane that combines the design of an overhead bridge crane with that of a motorized gantry crane.  A single side of a Semi Gantry bridge is supported by an elevated runway as with an overhead.  On the other end of the bridge, the crane is supported by the leg of the semi gantry with its endtruck on the floor running along either wheels or wheels with a track.  In this design, power is typically provided by a powerbar and collector assemblies along the elevated runway side of the Semi Gantry Crane and distributed by a festoon system to the hoist trolley.

Semi Gantry Cranes can be controlled either by a wired pendant control or with an optional crane radio remote control system.

Custom Options

Standard Semi Gantry Capacities

are available at 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 7.5 ton, 10 ton and 15 ton

Semi Gantry Cranes configured in 1 ton, 2 ton and 3 ton capacities will typically be designed with an electric chain hoist for lifting loads.   Larger capacity semi gantry cranes will be designed with electric wire rope hoists to handle the increased load capacity.


Semi Gantry Spans

Get the right options for your needs

We have a wide range of pre-engineered options that save you money by avoiding custom engineered costs for your semi gantry system.  We also are happy to work with you to design custom solutions for larger needs or specialty applications.



some reasons why the semi gantry crane may be right for you

  • Saves on runway Costs
  • Fits under larger overhead bridge cranes without getting in the way
  • Great for along the wall of long clears pan buildings
  • Can be moved to easily access machinery and material in work area
Custom Options

Custom Installation Options for Semi Gantry Cranes

Get the right options to get the job done right

  • Crane controls
  • Control enclosures suitable for severe environments or hazardous areas
  • Multi-speed AC inverter drives
  • Motor brake.
  • Air-driven power drive kits
  • Crane wiring with rubber covered S.O. type cable
  • Crane wiring in metal conduit
  • Cable reels and electrification systems
  • Push-button stations
  • Tag line festooning systems
  • Flat wire and box track festooning systems
  • Warning lights, audible alarms, or travel limit switches
  • Top running and under running end trucks for single leg (semi-gantry) applications