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Radio Controls

Ready to improve your productivity and increase your crane safety operations? Changing over to radio controls gives your crane operators more flexibility across a host of different applications. With radio controls, your operators are free to move away from the equipment, increasing their safety and the ability to keep an eye on various aspects of production. Hoosier Crane carries several radio control options.

Benefits of Radio Controls

Rather than being tethered directly to a crane through control cables or working the confined space of a cab, radio-based controllers deliver amazing benefits to the job site or industrial environment.

  • Flexibility of Operator Movement

    When operators don’t have to be in close physical proximity to the machine in operation, it creates a safer working environment. It reduces the potential risk of accidents during motion, and it lets operators see all potential points of obstruction when directing a load.

  • More Accurate Positioning and Setting

    Without any visual obstructions, operators can more accurately position or set a load. Operators can navigate obstacles on the facility floor and aren’t limited by the cable distance or snags from a push-button pendant station.

  • Improved Productivity for Tandem Functions

    When one operator is operating dual cranes, they can run both cranes from one transmitter in tandem with each other. This can aid in reducing man power needed on the floor, increasing safety in the work area, and reduce overall operating costs.

  • Increased Options for Crane Operators

    Crane operators don’t have to be limited to the crane cab with radio control. The operator can move about freely, assisting with rigging functions while waiting to maneuver the load. Crane operation can also be spread between multiple individuals, known as “pitch and catch”, whether from the cab to a ground operator or two ground operators using radio controls. One operator can use a radio to lift a load from one end of the plant and send it on to the operator who has a set of controls that allows for lowering the load to another location or transport vehicle.

Leading Radio Controls

At Hoosier Crane, we care about your safety and efficiency. This is why we only carry products from industry-leading manufacturers.

  • InMotion
  • Magnetek
  • Remtron
  • Cattron
  • Crane Boss
  • And Many More

Order From the Experts

We know that the right equipment is essential for getting the job done right and without any accidents. These radio control systems can handle the most demanding conditions of industrial material handling applications. Contact the team at Hoosier Crane to order a system that will optimize your performance and output.