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Specialty Jib Cranes Are an Elegant Solution

A jib is a horizontal beam that extends from either a mast or an anchor point. Almost all jib cranes are designed to rotate 360 degrees around their axis or to a set number of degrees. This gives three directions of movement:

  • Rotation around the center of the mast or anchor.
  • Up and down via the hoist.
  • Forward or back along the jib via a trolley.

The simplicity of the design reduces weight, size, and price. Due to their compact nature and slim profile, they fit in many places other cranes won’t. A common use of specialty jib cranes is underneath gantry or overhead cranes or wherever lifting will increase productivity in tight quarters.

Specialty Jib Cranes Come in a Range of Types

A tool solution jib crane is typically a lightweight crane made to move tools or items efficiently. Their small size and low hoisting weight mean they can be attached to any walls or mast. Typically designed to only handle tooling.

Floor mounted jib cranes are ideal when there are no nearby walls strong enough to support loads. Wall mount cranes don’t take up any floor space and can be rotated against the wall, effectively leaving the entire work area open.

As mentioned, they can handle any items that fit below them and don’t exceed the lifting weight. Specialty jib cranes can also be hand-powered, but powered solutions are generally available. Other options may include a rotation lock, adjustable friction brakes, festoon saddles, and motorized rotation.

Choosing a Specialty Jib Crane

Four factors to consider when purchasing a specialty jib crane are

  • Lift Capacity
  • Span
  • Height Under Boom (HUB)
  • Mounting Type

HUB and span needs, obstructions, and limitations should all be considered. A wide range of lifting capacities are available.

These cranes offer quite a bit of versatility, often unavailable in more massive cranes. They can usually be mounted directly to columns or if they include a mast, fully freestanding. Floor mounting is relatively easy with these lightweight cranes by using chemical anchor bolts.

If you have light objects that need to be moved in a small work area – or a limited budget – these specialty cranes are perfect for increasing safety and productivity at a low price. We can help you choose the perfect crane solution for your needs.