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Here in the melt shop at Nucor Steel Indiana (Crawfordsville) we have been contracting with Hoosier Crane for three years. We use their service because they are reliable and have knowledgeable technicians that we trust. We use Hoosier Crane for parts, service, crane upgrades and new cranes. We have been very satisfied with them because they go above and beyond to take care of us as a customer.
Larry McWilliams Melt Shop Crane Crew Electrician Nucor Steel-Indiana
I love working with Joe at Hoosier Crane. Over the last couple of years we have had a great working relationship. If there was a problem with billing or service work it was addressed in a timely fashion. We greatly depend on Joe’s knowledge in crane and work platforms. I also want to mention Adam’s great attitude and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Keep up the good work everyone that I don’t meet at Hoosier Crane.
Norm Schrock Maintenance Manager Forest River
I just need parts here and there and whenever I need them I call Hoosier Crane. I have no complaints whatsoever. It's worked out well. Hoosier Crane has been really good to me.
Ed Johnson Owner SJ Chain
Hoosier Crane has worked with us on a few projects in Oregon. Every project they have helped with has met budget and been completed on time. Every Hoosier Crane employee we have been in contact with, sales, inspection, parts, service and installers have been very helpful and courteous.
Jim Sieber Plant Manager Forest River
When we decided to switch crane service companies a few years back Hoosier Crane made this transition flawless. They came in and did their assessment of all of our cranes and there has been no looking back. I really enjoy working with Derek, Zac, and the great bunch of service technicians they send out. I always get a quick reply for service, or any other questions I may have. All in all, I am glad we found Hoosier Crane and would recommend them to anyone looking for service on their equipment.
Brian Liggett Maintenance/Die Cast/Scheduling Supervisor
Hoosier Crane has been a reliable vendor, providing both quick response and quality work. When we call them with an issue they not only find the problem but they also provide a workable economic solution.
Patrick Hilger Continuous Improvement Manager Stainless Steel Bar Manufacturer
I’ve worked with Hoosier Crane for many years now, other vendors try to come in and get my business. I have to weigh the service and value I get from Hoosier Crane and they always comes out on top. Hoosier Crane is always attentive to my needs, and they provide me with service, knowledge, and the emergency service I need without any problems. I remember a recent major breakdown that they quickly sent a team over, and worked to get us up and running ahead of schedule. All of their employees are very attentive and courteous I’m impressed at how they all seem to know my name, and treat me as a friend instead of just a customer.
Paul Horvath Maintenance Manager Steel Technologies
It was a piece of cake, Hoosier Crane handled everything. They explained what the crane will do for me and how it's going to work. Then, once the crane was ready to ship out they brought their workers out and erected the crane with zero issues.
Bill Bailey Owner Bailey Mechanical
I have been working with the team at Hoosier Crane for 4 years, I have complete confidence in their abilities to serve my business as well as any! I have used several other companies in the past and none have measured up to the performance and dedication the Hoosier team puts into their line of work. In today’s manufacturing world, quick service, accurate quotes, on-time delivery and a personal approach to business are very hard to find however Hoosier Crane goes above and beyond to meet all those areas and more. I would strongly recommend Hoosier Crane to anyone looking for a top-notch group who stands behind their word when they say they will make sure you are 100% satisfied!
Scott Campbell Safety Coordinator JR Manufacturing Inc.
On Friday, July 10th, a group of your guys showed up at our facility to install a crane. These gentlemen, upon arrival, hit the ground running, showed dedication and professionalism from beginning to the end and it was quite a while until they saw the end. I congratulate you on assembling the fine team that you have and if you have not given your guys an "at-a-boy" lately I highly recommend that you do.
Shannon Mullins MPI PRODUCTS LLC