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We are very proud of the work that we do here at Hoosier Crane. We love it when our customers are satisfied.

Greg Hoagland

Merit Steel
Merit Steel took a big hit when covid took over the world earlier this year. But I'm very pleased to say that business rebounded faster and stronger than we expected. With that being said we are having a tough time keeping up with product demands so any downtime makes the situation worse. We had this upper crane rail replacement on the books with Hoosier for sometime. The original time line gave them 4 days to complete the work. As the work was getting ready to begin I met with John, Chip, and Ron and made them aware how important this job was as it had us shut completely down. These guys all were great to work with and keep me in the loop every step of the way. They actually completed the job in 3 days and got us back up and running 24 hours sooner than planned. This was huge for us. This job went as smoothly as possible and the guys were great to work with.

Steve Shepard

Purchasing Manager/EMC Precision
I just wanted to send a special thanks to Hoosier Crane and Mr. Hall for sending a great crew out to our facility today to inspect our hoists/cranes. Mr. Kelley and Mr. Stoops were very thorough with our inspection today. When the inspection was completed both techs took the time to go over the report from the inspection. They explained and answered all the questions I had. A huge thanks to Mr. Hall for setting this up, Mr. Kelley and Mr. Stoops as well. I just wanted to give some feedback to you about the team you have out in the field. Please pass along a "Job Well Done" to your team.Thanks!!!!

Scott Schumacher

Operations Manager/ITR America
Hoosier Crane has been very adaptive. We had a couple setbacks with other aspects of our new facility build and Hoosier Crane adjusted their schedule to meet our schedule. That has been very beneficial to us. In addition, after purchasing the crane prior to construction we identified that we needed increased height on the bridge itself. Hoosier was technically able to reconstruct and add some risers into the bridge structure to accomodate our height requirements.

Brian Liggett

Maintenance &Scheduling Supervisor/Hanson Mold
When we decided to switch crane service companies a few years back Hoosier Crane made this transition flawless. They came in and did their assessment of all of our cranes and there has been no looking back. I really enjoy working with Derek, Zac, and the great bunch of service technicians they send out. I always get a quick reply for service, or any other questions I may have. All in all, I am glad we found Hoosier Crane and would recommend them to anyone looking for service on their equipment.

Patrick Hatfield

Manufacturing Analyst/SFI
I just wanted to tell you how enjoyable it was working with you guys. Mr. Wotring did an incredible job installing our new crane, and educated me in the process. His attention to detail is impressive as is his ingenuity. Randy got the job done and met all expectations for what we needed during the time that he was on site. If anyone asks me for a recommendation for crane services, Hoosier is at the top of my list. Hopefully, we will work together again in the future.

Larry McWilliams

Melt Shop Crane Crew Electrician/Nucor Steel-Indiana
Here in the melt shop at Nucor Steel Indiana (Crawfordsville) we have been contracting with Hoosier Crane for three years. We use their service because they are reliable and have knowledgeable technicians that we trust. We use Hoosier Crane for parts, service, crane upgrades and new cranes. We have been very satisfied with them because they go above and beyond to take care of us as a customer.

Norm Schrock

Maintenance Manager/Forest River
I love working with Joe at Hoosier Crane. Over the last couple of years we have had a great working relationship. If there was a problem with billing or service work it was addressed in a timely fashion. We greatly depend on Joe’s knowledge in crane and work platforms. I also want to mention Adam’s great attitude and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Keep up the good work everyone that I don’t meet at Hoosier Crane.

Gary Dixon

Bobby Hall worked really long and hard with us. We are happy with his work and the crane is a good piece of equipment. I've been in the business 25 years and it's as good as any I've ever used.The men who installed it knew what they were doing and they communicated with me often during the process.

Ed Johnson

Owner/SJ Chain
I just need parts here and there and whenever I need them I call Hoosier Crane. I have no complaints whatsoever. It's worked out well. Hoosier Crane has been really good to me.

Jim Sieber

Plant Manager/Forest River
Hoosier Crane has worked with us on a few projects in Oregon. Every project they have helped with has met budget and been completed on time. Every Hoosier Crane employee we have been in contact with, sales, inspection, parts, service and installers have been very helpful and courteous.