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Pallet lifters are often used in storage and warehousing environments, while vacuum lifters might be employed for more subtle movements like placing eggs into egg-cartons. Regardless of the make and purpose, these lifters make it quick to transport, stack, or move heavy items.

Three Categories of Lifting Devices

With a range of applications across fields such as construction, manufacturing, medical or automotive, it is important to determine your needs to select the correct lifting device.

Pallet Lifters

Sometimes called a pallet jack or pallet truck, these lifters are used to move and lift pallets. Pallets aren't exactly a standard size, and pallet lifter with forks that are too narrow or too wide won't safely maneuver the pallets. Though pallet trucks are designed to be used on the floor, Hoosier Crane carries a line of Vestil lifters that can convert a hoist or crane into a forklift. There is also a range of capacity abilities, with the Vestil model HDP-6-54 lifting 6,000 pounds. The forks also come in a range of sizes, from 36 to 54 inches in length.

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Vacuum Lifters

These lifting devices aren't the same as the pallet lifters, though these also improve employees' safety and efficiency working to move heavy loads. Hoosier Crane carriers vacuum lifters that can act as a stand-alone or be incorporated into an existing crane system. Vacuum lifters use suction power to grip and lift a load. Multiple suction feet can lift sheet metal, boxes, drums, and more with minimal risk of damaging the components inside. This is a particularly effective lifting device for those in either the pharmaceutical or food industries.

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Overhead Lifters

Lifting materials high overhead is a dangerous task, but Hoosier Crane carriers deluxe overhead lifting devices. These are similar to pallet lifters and include an adjustable leveling bail, multiple height positions, and adjustable fork widths. The size and type of load determine which lifter is best.

Multiple Uses for Lifting Devices

Lifting equipment, such as the pallet, overhead, or vacuum options, are crucial to the safe movement of pallets, crates, boxes, or other heavy items for loading, unloading, stacking, and storing. Lifting equipment saves employees from back or muscle strain and completes relocation needs more efficiently than manual labor.

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The selection of lifting devices at Hoosier Crane is industry-approved and ready to tackle your lifting job. We are committed to ensuring you're 100% satisfied with your purchase.