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Gantry Cranes Provide Greater Flexibility

A gantry is a metal framework that spans a set distance with supports reaching the ground on either side of the frame. Unlike jib cranes, the frame has a support structure on both sides of the span for maximum stability and weight ratings. They rest on the floor which means most don’t require overhead attaching, and smaller ones can be moved around as needed. There are three basic types of Jib Cranes:

  1. Hand-push crane
  2. Motorized crane
  3. Semi gantry crane

Hand Push Gantry Cranes Are Ideal For Changing Work Environments

Ranging from ½-ton to 10-tons, these cranes have heavy caster wheels for moving. They’re affordable, take up little space and can lift materials that are too heavy to handle manually. They’re also very safe since they straddle the hoisted item.

Hand Push Gantry Cranes

Larger Gantry Cranes Require Motors

Larger loads aren’t practical or safe for hand-push cranes. Motorized cranes substantially improve productivity and may use floor-mounted tracks for stability.

We have many pre-engineered, motorized cranes available. A motorized gantry crane often doesn’t require permanent changes. Just like our other products, we can tailor a gantry crane to fit your required needs.

Motorized Gantry Cranes

Semi Gantry Cranes Bridge the Divide

Half gantry and half overhead crane, the semi gantry has one side resting on the floor while the other rides on an elevated runway. This combines the stability and space-saving of the overhead yet doesn’t require overhead installation on the other side.

They can also be installed below an overhead crane for added productivity and coverage. They’re always motorized and use a pendant or radio control. They require to be custom-built but can use some pre-engineered components.

Semi Gantry Cranes

Choosing the Right Crane for Your Needs

All cranes meet OSHA requirements for their rated capacities. Our engineers are glad to help you choose the best crane for your needs. They’ll need to know a few things, such as:

  1. Lifting capacity
  2. Overall crane height
  3. Clearance under beam
  4. Width of span
  5. Frequency of use

The Hoosier Crane Difference

The reason we’ve grown from a 4-person operation to one of the region’s largest crane and service companies is because of our dedication to service. Family owned and operated; we’ve been supplying gantry cranes to small fabrications shops and other manufacturing facilities for around two decades. We know our reputation is on the line, which is why our cranes are 100% guaranteed - as is your satisfaction.

We have 4 local branches to help serve you better:

  1. Elkhart
  2. Indianapolis
  3. Fort Wayne
  4. Valparaiso
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