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Precise Measurements and Data

Hoosier Crane has invested in new technology for precision measurements on your crane rails, and anything else you may need measured.

The FARO scanner uses laser technology to document every detail of your crane bay. 

It’s a service that can provide a safer work environment while saving you time and money.

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Production Continues

In the past, these critical measurements forced businesses to shut down production while our technicians took measurements. It was a process that often took days, but not now. With the FARO laser scanner we can get the job done during production, and we can do it in a few hours.

The FARO laser scanner is placed in strategic locations throughout your crane bay. It collects location and image data at a rate of 100,000 points per second. We use this data to provide a detailed report and recommendations to keep your cranes operating properly.

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Hoosier Crane Advantage

With billions of points available our team can review and analyze any part of your crane bay. And since we have the data, we can keep records on the condition of your rails throughout the lifetime of your equipment. This method gives Hoosier Crane a huge advantage over companies that use old methods of surveying crane rail.

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