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Gorbel 50 lbs. Freestanding Tool Solution Jib Crane 6 ft Span 10 ft HUB

Manufacturer Part Number TSJ50-FS-50-10-6
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Gorbel 50 Pound Capacity Freestanding Tool Solution Jib Crane 10 Foot HUB 6 Foot Span
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Product Specifications
Product Specifications
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Manufacturer Part NumberTSJ50-FS-50-10-6
Lift Capacity50 lbs.
Span6 Feet
Height Under Boom (HUB)10 Feet
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Degrees of Rotation180°
ColorGorbel Blue

TSJ50: 50 Pound Capacity

The TSJ50 was designed for easy movement of light tools. It's lightweight tie rod style ensures easy movement and high performance without giving you more crane than you need for low capacity applications.

With a slim profile and simple installation, the TSJ50 excels in tight work spaces. The small bracket centers of 13 inches make it ideal for low headroom applications. For freestanding models, the crane’s slim 4 inch square mast allows installation without a foundation where floor space may be limited. The four-bolt mounting brackets allow for easy adjustment of the boom height, and make conversion to wall or column mounting a simple task.

Track Series: 250 Series Track

Axial Load: 227.38 lbs.

Anchor Bolt Load: 461.18 lbs.

Overturning Moment: 518.02 ft-lbs.

Foundation: Centered on a square foot area 4' x 4' x 6" deep that is free from cracks, seams, and walls. Reinforced Concrete with Pressure of 3000 psi and Soil Pressure of 2500 psf. Chemical anchor bolts to withstand a minimum of 3,470 lbs. of pull out force. Concrete must contain wire mesh reinforcement.

Includes One Light Tool Trolley

Available Options: Rotation lock, adjustable friction brake, Festoon saddles