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Remtron 325 Wireless Remote Control System

Manufacturer Part Number 325-HS 17R-AC-L F
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Quick overview
Cattron Remtron 325 Wireless Remote Control System 120/240VAC with Pigtail. System Includes 2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver (17R). A three-motion, two-speed operator control unit with five auxiliaries plus start and stop functions.
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Product Specifications
Product Specifications
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number325-HS 17R-AC-L F
Number Of Buttons8 Button
Pendant Motion3 Motion
Pendant SpeedsTwo Speed

Remtron 325 is a three-motion, two-speed controller with five auxiliaries plus startand stop functions


  • IP65 enclosure offers protection against harsh environments
  • Long-life switches measured in millions of cycles
  • Battery lasts beyond 95 hours with typical use; uses AA standard alkaline batteries
  • Enhanced status indicators include multiple LEDs and haptic feedback
  • Wireless closed box Bluetooth configuration of frequency and function for simple and rapid deployment of spares
  • RFID security and reconfiguration enable user ID security and "as needed"reconfiguration of the controller to a specific machine
  • PL-d safety level based on black channel telegram for both control and feedback and a redundant dual-processor architecture
  • Illuminated PL-d stop switch•Customizable switch layout to meet specific requirements and white label programs
  • Global licensed and unlicensed frequencies offer support in the 915MHz, 868MHz,433MHz and 2.4GHz (unlicensed) and 450-470MHz (licensed) spectrums
  • Diagnostic data collection - essential data and diagnostics are logged and available over Bluetooth® or SD Card


Remtron wireless remote control systems are used for the control of equipment and machinery in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing, construction and material handling applications.

  • Crane and Hoist Systems
  • Conveying Systems Mobile Equipment Pump Control Robotics


  • CE / RED
  • EN/ISO 13849 Performance Level d ISO 13850