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Hoosier Crane Service Company is our vendor of choice for all of our crane-related needs because of the total package of services and expertise they offer to us. They handle everything from our new installations, to emergency service, to annual inspections and parts. In this, they do not sacrifice breadth for depth. Each of Hoosier Crane's team members has many years of experience in the crane industry. This in-house knowledge base adds immense value to our organization by setting us up for success before we even break ground on new installation projects. Their guidance in helping us select the right crane system for the right application is highly valuable. We get exactly what we need and don’t pay for anything unnecessary. Hoosier Crane is a model supplier-partner.
Mark A. Neidig II Purchasing Manager ITAMCO
Very happy that the job is complete, and also want to send a note of thanks to you for working with us. We do hope to have an ongoing business relationship with Hoosier Crane. In all honesty it is a breath of fresh air to have a company that has such personable employees. Thank you again.
Deb Peters Office Manager Overhead Hoist & Crane Specialists, Inc.