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A Simple Wire Rope Change Out...
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Yesterday, one of our service teams performed what sounds like a simple maintenance task of replacing a wire rope. But this was no standard overhead crane system, this job was on a 210 Ton hot metal hoist. This hoist is used by an area steel foundry to move molten scrap metal at over 2,600 Fahrenheit in a ladle that is big enough to park a Ford F-350 in.

210 ton overhead crane with 60 aux hoist for hot metal
Another View from the bridge crane above

Our service crew worked to change out the wire rope on this yesterday. We installed 4 wire ropes each over 500 feet in length. We used two 125 foot boom lifts to installed the wire ropes on this bridge crane that is located 95 feet above the ground. Each foot of wire rope for this 210 Ton hoist weighs 2 pounds and is 1.5 inch thick.

Hoosier Crane's crew worked tirelessly for 16 continuous hours in an area that was 60 degrees on the ground, but over 110 degrees up at the hoist, which is located 95 feet over the melt shop. We just wanted to highlight a difficult job that was completed professionally and most importantly safely by the team.

Working next to the lower block changing the wire rope