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New R&M Hook Latch Trigger

A Better Way to Lift

Hoosier Crane is pleased to announce R&M's new Hook Latch Trigger (patent pending), an innovative idea that improves efficiency, operator safety and ergonomics. A magnet on the back of the latch attaches to the hook forging and allows the latch to remain open. The operator can then use both hands to insert/ remove hook attachments. This act triggers the latch free from the hook forging and causes the latch to close automatically.



Hook Latch Trigger Operation

Customer Benefits

  • Increased operator safety: lessens the risk of getting fingers pinched
  • Faster operation: both hands are free to insert/remove hook attachments
  • Enhanced product integrity: removes need to install unsafe methods to force latch to remain open

Hook Latch Trigger Technical Information

  • Available option on RSN style hooks sizes 6 and above
  • Available option for the Spacemaster® SX with above mentioned hooks
  • Standard feature for the Spacemaster® SXL
  • Available as a retrofit on the hoists/hooks mentioned above
  • Decreases the hook opening up to a maximum of 0.39” (10 mm)

The Hook Latch Trigger is not available on HBC style hooks or any SX2, SX3 or SX4 hoists.