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Six Reasons to Buy a Crane Kit from Hoosier Crane

Crane Kits are one of the products Hoosier Crane is known for. Learn a few of the many reasons you should buy an overhead crane kit from Hoosier Crane Service Company here.

Six Reasons to Buy a Crane Kit

1. Free Phone and email support from our engineering staff

We are here to answer questions on the crane kit assembly and installation. Our engineering staff members have built many crane kits and they have the experience and know-how to help you get your crane up and running.

2. The Hoosier Crane Help Manual

We have developed 18 pages of helpful hints based on our years of experience in building crane kits. The manual answers common questions and will save you building time. It’s free to all Hoosier Crane crane kit customers.

3. Optional equipment at best pricing

We carry the following accessories and stock many popular options:Spare Parts Packages and optional Crane Kit Accessories

  • Remote radio control systems
  • Below-the-hook lifting devices including vacuum lifters, spreader beams, magnets, chain slings, nylon slings
  • Warning beacons & horns
  • Much, much more!


4. Save up to 50% on the price of a Spare Parts Package

Order a spare parts package when you order your crane kit and save up to 50% on the parts. Plus, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having the parts in your inventory when you need them. Call us for a quote at 1-800-509-6131 or 574-523-2945.

5. Installation supervision available

You supply the manpower; we’ll supply a supervisor to help your crew get the crane assembled and installed as smoothly as possible. Call us for a quote at 1-800-509-6131 or 574-523-2945.

6. Satisfied customers

Precision Welding & Fabrication, Inc. is very pleased with the quality of our two recently purchased 3 ton overhead bridge cranes. The electrician that did the electrical connection to the cranes said that the electrical components are of very good quality. We had a couple of questions during the purchasing phase as well as during the assembly. These were answered very promptly by your service staff. If we have need of any more cranes, we would certainly do business with Hoosier Crane again.
Dave Sermuks President Precision Fabrication & Welding, Inc.
We have purchased several over head crane kits from Hoosier Crane and have always received very good service from the company. I especially appreciate the rapid, complete quotes and the engineering assistance.
Mike Druesdow Maintenance Planner Columbia Falls, Montana
My son & I purchased a small 2 ton crane kit from Hoosier Crane. We had no experience at this type of installation—we are welder /fabricators. The unit was on time, compact, easy-to-install, and works great. We only had two questions during installation and the 24 hour service group answered both of them in minutes... at 11:00 at night. Great service, great crane, happy customers.
Ed Silchenstedt Owner Rockport, Texas


Six Reasons to buy a Crane Kit From Hoosier Crane
Six Reasons to buy a Crane Kit From Hoosier Crane