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View Tech Borescope

Do you have concerns with your current gearbox performance, but are worried about downtime required to investigate? Using the ViewTech Borescope Hoosier Crane reduces downtime and cost, for both the repair technician and customer. With this state of the art equipment Hoosier Crane can inspect hoists, trollies, or bridge gearboxes, without a complete teardown.

Time Saving Inspections

One technician can now take a video of the inner gearbox workings and determine any issues. If parts are available, they can be ordered. However, if it is a more severe problem or parts are unavailable, a replacement trolley or hoist can be ordered. This means that in many cases the only down time for the crane is when the repairs are being made. Typically, something like this would involve two workers tearing down the gear box to find any problems. If any issues are found, in most instances, the gearbox could not be rebuilt and used until the new parts are ordered and installed causing tremendous downtime especially if the parts are no longer available and another option must be found.

This new technique saves precious production time and cost, for both the repair technician and customer. Anything that keeps production running and costs down is a good thing. Which is why Hoosier Crane uses ViewTech’s Borescope for some inspections where minimizing downtime is critical.

Hoosier Values

Hardwork and Personal Engagement

The many years of service our technicians have under their belts and the constant training they receive give them the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done correctly and quickly.