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NRGmaster Electrification System

  • NRGmaster Electrification System

    The Future of Cranes

    The NRGmaster is R&M's new state of the art electrification system.

  • NRG Track

    Power Supply Track and Cord

    Individual conductors are bundled in groups to enable the stress of bending to be balanced equally across all conductors.

  • NRGmaster Bracket Flexible Power Track

    Flexible Power Track

    The NRGmaster's power and control cables are secured in a flexible chain that bends into a U-shape.

  • NRGmaster crane kit

    No Dangling Cables

    No dangling festoon cables greatly reduces maintenance costs of a overhead crane because festoons can get caught, snagged, and broken on various objects.

  • NRGmaster Trolley End Approach Dimensions Spacemaster

    Best Trolley End Approach Dimensions

    The NRGmaster uses new Spacemaster® Clearance dimensions which increases overall space usage and work efficiency.