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Overhead Crane Inspections

HOOSIER CRANE is dedicated to providing reliable, quality crane inspection and repair in a timely manner. Our focus on continuous improvement and ongoing training enables us to offer inspection and preventive maintenance programs that help you reduce downtime and costly production losses.

The following will give you an overview of our inspection procedures. Please take the time to read it carefully as it contains important information regarding our inspection audit procedures.

Our audit program is designed to review your overhead system and to report parts that are worn or do not meet certain safety specifications. We will provide you with a quotation to repair any problems and/or replace any worn parts we detect in your system.

Following the inspection, our fully trained service technician will need to meet with you or another designated person in authority to review the audit. During this review, our technician will notify you of any item(s) that could render your equipment unsafe to operate, discuss any recommended repairs and have you sign the inspection work order. This review is an important aspect of our services to you. It enables us to provide you with any important information immediately and ensures that you are aware of any safety concerns uncovered during the audit. Please notify our technician or our office of the proper designated person if you will not be available.

To the right is an express service quote, complete this quick form and our service department will contact you shortly to schedule an inspection.

Overhead Crane Inspection by an experienced Hoosier Crane Technician