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Overhead Bridge Cranes

Hoosier Crane provided a Variety of Designs of Overhead Bridge Cranes with Capacities from 1 ton to 160 tons to handle the higher duty lifting needs of manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

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Top Running Double Girder overhead crane with 100ft span at machine shop.

Top Running Overhead Bridge Cranes

With Maximum Headroom vs. other types of Overhead Cranes, we build quality systems from 1 ton Single Girder Top Running Cranes all the way up to giant 160 ton Double Girder Overhead Cranes.

Two 2 ton under running overhead bridge cranes

Under Running Overhead Bridge Cranes: 1 - 10 Tons

Under running bridge cranes maximize floor space and productivity by suspending your crane for you building's ceiling.

Monorail System Freestanding enclosed track

Monorail Systems

Monorail systems are an economical crane choice for lifting and transporting products along a fixed path.

Patented Track System Drawing featuring Cleveland Tramrail

Patented Track Crane Systems: 5 - 40 Tons

Process and production crane systems that move throughout your production line with capacities from 5 to 40 tons.