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Video: Class E Overhead Crane Install

This installation video shows the Hoosier Crane install team setting a 15 Ton Class E Crane.  One of our local customers recently began a project to expand their production capabilities. This customer used to buy pre-slit steel coils for their metal fabrication shop.  As part of their expansion they decided to bring more of the production process in house.  This required the addition of new steel coil slitting machines and a new coil crane.  The demanding requirements of a fast paced steel fabricator required a crane designed to CMAA Class E standards.  Class E cranes, rated for severe service, perform 20 or more lifts per hour at or near the rated capacity.


Due to extremely low headroom and a desire to maximize lift, this crane was assembled in the air on site.  We first built and tested this crane in our shop before disassembling it for transport. Once on site the end trucks were placed on to the runway, securely strapped and blocked into place.  The first bridge girder was then bolted into place. The hoist was then attached to a lifting cage and elevated above the bridge. Next the second bridge girder was placed under the hoist trolley.  Once the bolts for the bridge girders were securely tightened, the hoist and trolley were lowered into place and supporting straps and forklifts were removed.  Our installation crew then completed the wiring, touch up paint and load testings before handing this crane over to the customer.

Installation of Low Headroom 15 Ton Class E overhead Crane by Hoosier Crane