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A Short Story

 He may be short on words, but Hoosier Crane Installation Manager Adam Short stands tall when it comes to his   experience and his position at Hoosier Crane. A quiet man, he was employee number five when he was hired in June of 2003 as a service technician. During his nearly 16 years with the company he has also been the shop foreman and  the production manager.

“When I started at Hoosier Crane, we worked out of a building the size of a garage,” said Short. “I remember Tom  (Schmidt) wanted me to drive a Ford Escort as my service vehicle, but I said no and ended up with a used van.”

As the installation manager Short says he manages the installation of our cranes, including the scheduling, staffing, equipment rental, and the shipment of freight out of the shop. He’s been in his current position a little more than a year.  

“He’s very vigilant about the overall quality of our product,” said Hoosier Crane Supply Chain Manager Paul Stout. “He picks up on the small details that really make a difference out in the field.”

Short doesn’t like to talk about himself and he really didn’t enjoy this interview, but he was polite.

“I’m just always working,” he said with a smile.

When he does get some time away, he says he just likes to “hang with family and work around the house.”

That family is his 19-year-old son Keegan, now a sophomore at Ball State in Muncie, and his 7-year-old daughter Sophia, who lives in the area with her mother. Short is not married. His Mother and older sister have both moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His father is a truck driver and does not live in the area either. When asked if he considered moving to Myrtle Beach. he said, “not for another 20 years or so when I’m done working.”

Short was born in 1979 and has lived in Elkhart his entire life. He attended Memorial High School and then went to work at Dearborn Crane, of course. So many of Hoosier Crane’s first employees spent time working at Dearborn, including owner Tom Schmidt.

“Adam is 100 percent Hoosier Crane,” said Vice President of Sales Jon Harkrider. “If he thought he should get a job done in five hours, but it took him eight he would only put five hours on his time card. If he ever felt like he was somehow failing Hoosier Crane, he would make it right.”

Short will celebrate his 16th anniversary at Hoosier Crane this summer. You could say he’s on the “short” list of people who are the company’s true pioneers.