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"Roy"al family at Hoosier Crane

“I was really fortunate,” says Roy Wotring when he talks about his battle with cancer four years ago. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.  There was a lot of uncertainty about his life.

“My doctor said we can treat anything, but I can’t guarantee we can cure it.”

 Roy began treatment that included chemotherapy. He continued working at Hoosier Crane during that treatment, but there were some rough days.

“I am so appreciative of the way Hoosier Crane worked with me. Tom and Cheri have always been good to work for. My mom and dad and my wife Ruth were also there for me. They spent a lot of time with me when I was getting my treatments.”

Roy says all the customers were also good to him, understanding what he was going through. It was several months of chemo and medication, including a new synthetic drug that Roy says worked very well. The tumors inside his sinus cavity disappeared, and so did the other signs of the disease.  He has been cancer free for several years now.

“I have been so blessed.”

Roy says that experience has given him a different outlook on life. He says he is so grateful for everything he has, especially his family.

“I have a great family and we’re working hard to keep that family unity going with the younger members.”

That family includes Roy’s four children and eight grandkids. His three brothers and his mother all still live in the area and Roy says they get together as often as possible. His dad passed away three years ago.

Roy grew up in Mishawaka and he lives there now. He has worked at Hoosier Crane for 15 years, starting in 2003 after spending 25 years at Dearborn.  That’s right, he met Tom Schmidt while working there and Tom recruited him to Hoosier Crane.  It’s a familiar story for many people at HCS.

“I’m very appreciative of working for Hoosier Crane. As I’ve said Tom and Cheri are great and I think Todd is doing a great job. We are blessed to have these people as our leaders and I’m looking forward to see where we go in the future.”

Roy’s future will always include regular checkups to make sure the cancer doesn’t return. He is a man of strong faith and he knows there are no guarantees. He says he will just enjoy what he has in his life, especially his family, and live it to the fullest.