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The Real Cost of Inspection Repairs

Many people believe that the repairs that come after an inspection are the most expensive part of the inspection, but it's actually the hidden expenses that play the biggest factor in overall cost. Having your inspection repairs done today can prevent these hidden costs. 


Safety is our number one priority. Replacing necessary repair parts right after an inspection will minimize future risks to employees and ensure their safety while on the job.


OSHA continues to impose tough penalties and they don't plan on stopping. Compliance enforcement is high on OSHA's list and "significant cases", which are citations of $100,000 or more, will cost your company.


Having your equipment repaired after an inspection not only minimizes the chance of downtime, but ensures that you get the most out of your uptime too. 


OSHA violations increase your insurance rates.  Frequency of claims, citations, and accidents are all taken into consideration when determining insurance rates.


Properly repaired and maintained equipment last longer. It's that simple. Not paying for inspection repairs today can mean damaged equipment or inventory in the future. Missed deliveries, emergency breakdowns, facility shutdowns due to equipment failure. It all adds up to unhappy customers and this will impact the bottom line.

Crane Service ASCE Rail

To minimize your repair costs, we are here to help you decide which crane inspection repairs need to be done today and which repairs can wait. Scheduling your most needed inspection repairs now means you can avoid emergency after hours service costs later.  We also offer a spare parts package that allows our service technicians to repair while on site the first time, saving on return trip costs and freight charges in the future.  Contact us today to see how we can help minimize the hidden costs of inspection repairs that aren't completed.  

On average, a major injury can cost upwards of $200,000 and a fatality can cost more than $4 million.  Not to mention the impact it can have on a person's livelihood and family.  We want you and your coworkers going home safely every night.  Is not repairing your equipment a risk you're willing to take?