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Radio Remote Controls for Overhead Cranes

Overhead Crane Remote Controls

An overhead crane operator’s job can be simplified down to two goals. First, move the crane to the load; second, move the load to some other location. Do this in a safe and efficient manner without damaging the load and you have the basics of operating a crane. Traditionally, accomplishing these tasks meant dragging a pendant cable around while trying to dodge the load. This is not a significant problem if you are dealing with small and durable loads. However, the shortcomings of pendant controlled cranes become more evident when moving large, dangerous loads such as coils of steel or large expensive loads like turbines used in power plants. With overhead crane applications like these, it is important for the operator to have free range of motion around the load. This allows an operator to work unencumbered and maintain a safe distance from the load. Alternately, when placing a load like a turbine, it is important for the operator to be able to get in close proximity of the load in order to place it with exact precision.

It is in these situations that radio remote controls truly demonstrate their value. They provide three essential benefits in managing an overhead crane: visibility, precision, and flexibility.

Visibility: Radio remote controls allow operators to control cranes from a safe distance, thus avoiding load swings or dropped loads. Unlike handheld pendant controls that attach to the crane, radio controls offer operators greater freedom to walk around.

Precision Can inaccurate loading and spotting cause damage to your materials? A radio remote control unit places the operator up close where they can achieve the highest level of accuracy and focus on the prevention of damage.

Flexibility: A radio remote control allows an operator to switch between multiple hoists or cranes. Other specially designed systems can perform pitch and catch functions, where one operator transfers control of a load to another operator. This can be useful in situations where there is a long runway or a pit in the path of the crane.

Hoosier Crane provides a fourth benefit: availability. We have our most popular overhead crane radio remote controls available at all our branches and on most of our service trucks. Ask your local service technician about them today!

The Magnetek Enrange Flex 6EX is our radio of choice for most 3 motion applications.

These durable and rugged radios are ideal for use in overhead crane applications. They are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight in the hands of the operator and have proven to be extremely reliable in the field. The unique “I-Chip” design allows information and settings to be transferred between transmitters, increasing flexibility and minimizing spare parts inventory.

Included with every Enrange Flex System are two transmitters and 1 receiver. You can shop for Enrange Flex overhead crane remote controls on our eStore or call Hoosier Crane for specialty crane radios or custom configurations.

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