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How to Identify Parts for Harrington Hoists

Harrington Hoist makes some of the best chain hoists available on the market today. The Harrington design makes it ideal for use in high duty cycle industrial applications. Harrington's NER series is the preferred electric chain hoist for our automotive and RV manufacturing customers.

Even the best built hoist breaks down when it is in use for 3 shifts a day. That is why we stock a large selection of maintenance and repair parts for Harrington hoists. If your Harrington hoist does need parts, follow this guide to identify the model and parts you need.

Details to Identify Parts for Harrington Hoists

It is easy to identify parts for Harrington hoist and crane products. There are 3 pieces of information needed, all located on the product nameplate:

  1. Code
  2. Lot No.
  3. Serial Number

The Code identifies the Harrington Product Code. In this example it is an NER030L. (see red arrow)

The Lot No. identifies the series, if one exists. In this example it is an ER1A354. The ER1A is the series of the hoist. (See green arrow)

Usually this is enough to identify parts by looking at the title of owner's manuals found here:


If there is something special about the hoist (non-standard) you may need to contact the Hoosier Crane parts department to have the product searched using the full Lot No.

The Lot No. plus the Serial No. (see blue arrow) In this example it is ER1A354 764367.

Remember, we are available to help you if you need assistance.  Give us a call at (800) 509-6131

Harrington Hoist Nameplate