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Hoosier Crane Invests In Laser Scanning Technology

Hoosier Crane owner Tom Schmidt says he always wanted his business to be ahead of the game when it came to innovation and technology. The company’s latest investment is right in line with Schmidt’s vision. Hoosier Crane has purchased a FARO 3D laser scanner to use for rail surveys and any other critical measurements our customers may need.

The old-school methods of measuring and recording information requires tools like tape measures, distance meters, and notepads. Those methods are not only very slow, they result in a lot of human error. And, when rail surveys are done the old-school way businesses often have to shut down production in the areas being measured. When you add in the lost production it can be very costly.

The new service offered by Hoosier Crane eliminates the need to shut down production and it dramatically reduces human error. We can do a rail survey in a few hours and provide customers with a detailed report with recommendations driven by precise data.

The FARO laser scanner is placed in strategic locations throughout your crane bay. It collects location and image data at a rate of 100,000 points per second. And yes, we’ve also invested in training for our technicians and engineers, so they know exactly what they are doing when using the equipment and the data it generates.

And since we have the data, we can keep records on the condition of your rails throughout the lifetime of your equipment. Hoosier Crane has a huge advantage over companies that are using old-school methods of surveying crane rail.