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Hoosier Crane Employee Spotlight: Paul Stout

Another edition of our employee spotlight is here.  A big part of what makes Hoosier Crane successful is our team.  We rely heavily on the dedication, insight, and expertise of our employees.  And we showcase them here on a regular basis so you have the chance to meet them.  This week we're shining a spotlight on Paul Stout of our Parts Department.

Q: How long have you been working for Hoosier Crane? 
I have been with Hoosier Crane for 8 years.
Q: What do you do here at Hoosier Crane? 
I am the Parts Manager at Hoosier Crane.  The focus of the Parts Department is to provide our customers with world class service for all their parts needs.  
Q: What is your typical day?
A typical day for me involves receiving and processing requests for quotes and orders for our our many customers as well as ensuring that our inventory and logistics functions are aligned to support these customer needs, both internal and external. In addition to orders and quotes, I make sure to set aside time to scan the market for trends so that Hoosier Crane maintains a leader role in the industry. My goal for the Parts Department is to be a solution provider for our customers, not just order takers. I like to say that we try to work miracles on a daily basis and I think our customers can testify to that. 
Q: What is your favorite Hoosier Crane memory? 
This is a hard question to answer because after 8 years, there are so many to choose from. I would have to say that my favorite memory would be when Hoosier Crane provided the employees with a trip to Six Flags in Chicago for an entire weekend. That was the first time my family had been able to take any kind of summer vacation and being able to spend it with the people that I interact with on a daily basis in that type of environment provided an excellent opportunity to de-stress while developing our relationships with each other. The hotel had an indoor water park that my children loved and both of them rode their first roller coaster that weekend. It wasn’t just a work sponsored function, it was a family oriented adventure that truly shows how much the owners of Hoosier Crane care for their employees.
Q: What motivates you?
Satisfied customers and growing relationships are major motivational factors for me. In order to accomplish these, I set goals and tasks for the short term and long term to ensure that I hit these goals. On a more personal level, my family is my motivation. My wife and children deserve the best and I try to make sure that I provide them with it. Finally, continuous improvement in business and my personal life has always been a driving force which is why I will finally be graduating from college in December this year.
Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? 
The people that I work with. Hoosier Crane is a family oriented company that treats its employees like family from top to bottom. I came from the automotive industry to Hoosier Crane and I will say that I have never worked harder than I do now, but the rewards have never been better. We may not always agree on everything, but we always seek out the optimal solutions for our stakeholders.