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Hoosier Crane Employee Spotlight: Laura Yoder

We want you to meet the team here at Hoosier Crane!  A big part of what makes Hoosier Crane successful is our team.  We rely heavily on the dedication, insight and expertise of our employees and today we want to shine a spotlight on Laura Yoder, an inside sales representative at Hoosier Crane. 

Laura Yoder - Hoosier Crane Employee
Q: How long have you been working for Hoosier Crane? 
I have been with Hoosier Crane since August of 2014
Q: What do you do here at Hoosier Crane? 
I am an Inside Sales Rep  
Q: What is your typical day?
My typical day consists of taking leads generated from our website and converting them to opportunities. I assign those opportunities to myself or one of our other sales team members to quote. Then the rest of my day is quoting, requoting, and processing orders. I spend a lot of time on the phone with customers old and new trying to identify the best solution to their material handling needs.
Q: What is your favorite Hoosier Crane memory? 
My favorite memory would have to be the 2015 Holiday Party. We had an 80s themed dinner and dance. The amount of creativity my coworkers put into their costumes was fantastic. I love that we can be silly together.
Q: What motivates you?
Doing my best for Hoosier Crane. We are a family and I like that we can rely on each other to get things done.
Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I enjoy the family atmosphere at Hoosier Crane. I have never worked for a company that actually cared about their employees on a personal level and not just about how much money they can make for the company. That makes Hoosier Crane a special place in my book.