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Hoosier Crane Employee Spotlight: Bob Kintner

Another edition of our employee spotlight is here.  A big part of what makes Hoosier Crane successful is our team.  We rely heavily on the dedication, insight, and expertise of our employees.  And we showcase them here on a regular basis so you have the chance to meet them.  This week we're shining a spotlight on Bob Kintner of our Service Department.

Hoosier Crane Employee - Bob

Q: How long have you been working for Hoosier Crane? 
Last month marked two years that I have been with Hoosier Crane
Q: What do you do here at Hoosier Crane? 
I was recently promoted to a Service & Inspection Technician and prior I was the Hoist Shop Repair Technician.
Q: What is your typical day?
My day varies a lot. One day may consist of repairing a small hoist in the shop and the next I might spend several hours on top of a huge crane in the field troubleshooting issues and making repairs.  The variety is one of the things that keeps my job exciting.  Rarely are two days the same in my line of work.
Q: What is your favorite Hoosier Crane memory? 
I would have to say that last year's golf outing is my favorite memory here at Hoosier Crane.  Every year Hoosier Crane puts on a golf outing that many of our customers attend and it's always a blast!
Q: What motivates you?
There are several things that motivate me on a daily basis, but my biggest motivator are the challenges.  It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to be a good service technician in this field.  Every time I face a challenge in the field and overcome it, that is knowledge that I add to my base and carry with me the rest of my career.  Continually adding to my knowledge base makes me a better technician in my day-to-day work.  The personal satisfaction of solving a problem and being able to make our customers happy when I get their crane running is extremely rewarding.
Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I love being a part of a growing company that truly cares about their employees.  Everyone at Hoosier Crane is like a family.  It's also an awesome experience to be able to build relationships with many different customers and to see the look of satisfaction when they know their crane is fixed right the first time.  The whole experience is awesome and it makes me wake up looking forward to work!