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Hoosier Crane is on the Cover of OCH Magazine

Hoosier Crane is making news again, this time we are featured on the cover of OCH Magazine. OCH is the industry leading publication on the overhead crane and hoist industry.

This July / August 2012 issue focused on the Midwest and Auto industry, so who better talk to than Hoosier Crane? This issue features an interview with our VP of Sales Jon Harkrider and several photos including the cover with Hoosier Crane employee Roy Wotring wiring the Duct-o-wire collectors on a new 5 ton bridge crane.

"Hoosier Crane Service Company is based in Elkhart and sees plenty of work from the unofficial RV capital of the world. ...The difference between car manufacturers and the RV manufacturers is in how the investment is made in equipment. Automotive companies are more long-term, and justify spending money on equipment that will save labor costs over, for instance, a five-year period. The RV guys want the most cost effective solution they can get because a year from now that plant could be retooled The RV guys are constantly retooling because they do new models every year."

Excerpt from OCH MagazineJuly / August 2012

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setting a 25 ton overhead crane with a tri-lifterAlso included in this issue where photos of Hoosier Crane using a tri-lifter to install a low-headroom 25 ton double girder top running crane in a local automotive parts manufacturing facility.

Low headroom 25 ton overhead crane at automotive parts makerHere is a picture of the above crane just after both bridge beams were set and end trucks connected.

25 ton and 50 ton overhead cranes at precision machine fabricatorOther photos include several large crane installations that Hoosier Crane built for a precision machine fabricator in Michigan.

50 ton Double girder overhead crane with 110 ft span box girder in midwest factoryThe biggest at this facility was a 50 ton double girder crane featuring an R&M SX wire rope hoist and having a huge span of 110 ft.

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All photos by Joe St. Clair Copyright 2012 Hoosier Crane