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Gear Box Torque Arm Repair

end truck motor mount torque

Hoosier Crane recently went out for a crane repair on a 100 foot long, 44 ton overhead crane. That's a pretty large crane. The problem was that the 1 inch gear box torque arm had been sheared in half. Our job was to put it back together. What our service technicians did was cut off the old 1 inch plate and install a new thicker 1 3/8 inch one. This new plate was welded on securely and firmly. To add an extra layer of protection we placed two extra gussets along where the brake was.

This plate originally broke because of all the torque that is required to immediately start and stop a 100 foot, 44 ton crane. This torque can be minimized with a soft start system which gradually increases and decreases the speed of the crane as it starts and stops.

Just another job well done by our incredible service department.