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The Future of Overhead Crane Inspections

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iPad based Overhead Crane Inspections from Hoosier CraneHoosier Crane Service was founded as a service company and inspections have always been at the center of our service department.  Inspections are key to not only maintaining compliance with OSHA guidelines, but also to ensuring the safety of our customers and the profitability of their businesses.  Properly maintained overhead cranes and hoists have less downtime, operate more efficiently and help prevent costly accidents.

With so much riding on the importance of our inspections, Hoosier Crane began a process to improve the quality and efficiency of of our inspections process.  Through much development and testing over the last two years we have finally rolled out our next generation of overhead crane inspections.  We have always had well trained and qualified inspectors but we needed to equip them with the best tools perform their job and allow our service department to have quality reports on the back end of the inspections so that we can deliver timely accurate estimate for repairs.

With the introduction of our new system we rely on three key pieces of technology to help our service department.

  1. SalesForce:  This cloud base customer relationship management program allows us to efficiently keep track of scheduling and reminders for hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of hoists and cranes.
  2. InspectAll:  This Apple IOS and cloud based app after significant customization allows Hoosier Crane to conduct standards based inspections with detailed inspections checklists, photos of deficiencies, and a easy to read fast reporting system.
  3. Apple iPads: These modern tools give our inspectors access to not only InspectAll and SalesForce while out helping customer but also allow them to have access to thousands of pages of reference materials such as OSHA and ASME standards and manufacturer manuals.  Plus they have the ability to take great pictures and send reports directly from the job site.Sample of Overhead Crane Inspection Report from Hoosier Crane
If You would like to learn more about our new inspection program and how it will benefit you as a customer please contact Hoosier Crane at 800-509-6131

You may also check out our Hoosier Crane Inspectall Crane Inspection Program Overview PDF below for sample inspection reports and a comparison of crane reports from the past. (Updated 11/26/2013 to include samples of our crane repair quote reports.)

Hoosier Crane Inspectall Crane Inspection Program Overview
Hoosier Crane Inspectall Crane Inspection Program Overview