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Five Benefits of Modernizing Your Cranes to VFD

We can make many valid points on why you should modernize your overhead cranes, but today we're going to focus on five major benefits of updating to state-of-the-art Magnetek variable frequency drives (VFD) for your crane control. We have helped many customers modernize their systems, increasing their productivity and extending the life of their investments.   Modernizing systems is a fraction of the cost of investing in a new system but you still get many of the benefits of a new system.  With the technology out there today, modernizing your crane can make it more productive, safer, and efficient. 



As you grow, so do your crane needs.  Whether it’s increased production requirements, more capacity, better controls, or faster operating speeds, modernization can be the solution.  Because no two applications are the same,  VFDs provide the operator with a variety of operating modes and a range of options.  As your crane ages, you may experience higher production costs, loss of efficiency, and unscheduled shutdowns.  In addition, your inspections may now be non-compliant with current safety standards. 

Magnetek Impulse Series


EXTENDED LIFE:  Because of how VFDs operate, brake life is increased for the traversing direction of the crane.  Since the brake is only used for emergency situations and parking, the brake life is prolonged.  Some VFDs also provide overcurrent and thermal overload protection for the hoist motor, which also prolongs the life.

BETTER CONTROL:  VFDs offer smooth acceleration and deceleration, allowing for better equipment control, while preventing load swings in traverse motions.   Ramped acceleration also enables motors to run cooler and ensures soft starts and stops.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Sway control improves accuracy and reduces material damage caused by swinging loads.   With options like micro-speed and electronic programmable limit switches, the operator has more control, which means increased productivity and performance.

EFFICIENCY: VFDs only consume the power that’s needed.  This means they save energy, especially compared to soft-starters and contactors.  In addition, a VFD varies the load and motor speed, consuming less energy because the motor is operating at a lower speed

SAFETY FEATURES: Besides enhancing worker safety by allowing operators to stand away from the load being transported, VFDs are designed to provide other safety enhancements.  Features that reduce the possibility of overload, minimize dangerous load swing, detect rapid increases in motor torque, and prevent overheating are all possible with VFDs.

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