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Essentials of Safety: Overhead Crane Inspections


Hoosier Crane builds and sells nothing but the highest quality cranes, but there is still wear and tear on them and regular inspections are an important part of creating a safe work environment.

Hoosier Crane offers inspection services and we have the most experienced and qualified inspectors and technicians in the industry. Monthly and annual inspections are recommended and often required by OSHA. There are also maintenance and operational requirements.that companies must adhere to to keep their people safe.

A safe environment also includes daily inspections.

CheckList For Daily Inspections

Check the inspection tag to make sure it’s updated

Check all limits

Locate the main crane disconnect switch

Test pendant control or controllers…check up and down and all directions

Check wire rope or chain for damage…lower hoist completely to check

Check the hook for damage and make sure there is a working safety latch

Test all brakes

Check trolley and bridge travel… make sure path is clear, stops are in place and limits are working

Test the hoist gears… listen for unusual noises

Check for unusual leaks or excess fluids

Check all rigging equipment and below the hook devices

Review capacity of equipment and weight to be lifted  

Please contact us if you need an inspection

OSHA also has  requirements for periodic inspections, maintenance and operations. Again, these are all guidelines that must be followed to ensure safe working conditions for everyone.