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Eight Things We Do Better

Than Anyone Else

Our customers know we stand apart from the competition, because they have seen our work and prices. New customers can learn what make Hoosier Crane the best choice for your overhead crane & hoist sales and service.

Our Staff is Experience, Trained, prepared, and insured.

1. We Know Our Products

Hoosier Crane staff members aren’t new to the business; we’ve made a commitment to building successful careers in the overhead crane industry. We have the depth of experience to truly understand your needs and propose the appropriate product solutions. That’s why we’ve chosen to represent the most dependable, robust and competitively priced products on the market.

2. We Price It Right

We’re less expensive than large companies and our direct competitors, but we’re more expensive than the guys working out of their garages. We offer the same products and services as the big guys but with better customer support. We can’t be undersold by direct competitors because of our excellent vendor relationships. We can’t and won’t compete against the small guys that haven’t invested in the product knowledge, training, certification and insurance necessary to properly support your business.

3. We're Generous With Our Engineering Expertise

We won’t leave you hanging whether you’re fabricating or installing a crane kit, looking for the right hoist for your application or have any other material handling question. Our local customers enjoy on-site support and all of our customers, including national and international customers, appreciate our phenomenal telephone support.

4. We Won't Talk Over You Head

Some of our customers have limited experience in purchasing an overhead crane or hoist and that’s okay with us. We help them through the process by asking the right questions about their building’s structure, present and future workloads, shop floor traffic patterns, existing components that will be integrated into the new system, and more. And we do it all without confusing jargon and terminology.

5. We Invest In Training, Certification and Insurance

We’re a small company with big company practices. We hold monthly OSHA safety sessions and regular vendor training for our staff and we have certifications by major vendors like CM, Gorbel, Harrington, R&M and Tractel. We have $5,000,000 in General Liability insurance to protect your company when we’re at your job site.

6. The Phone is Answered At Midnight By a Real PersonHoosier Crane offers 24/7 on call phone support

If you have a question while installing your crane kit during the second shift, call us. Our engineering staff is on call and ready to help. Our 24/7 on-site emergency service gets our local customers up and running as soon as possible.

7. We Treat You Like You Matter

Because you do matter to us. We employ old-fashioned values and work ethic; we treat our customers like partners. Give us a try and you’ll appreciate our customer support.

8. We're Always Looking Up

Yes, we’re always looking up at overhead cranes but this is about attitude as much as altitude. Our business grew even during the depth of the recession in one of the hardest-hit counties in the country. Our growth is due to our “do-it-right-the-first-time” approach and our confidence in the future and our people, service and products.

Eight Things Hoosier Crane Does Better
Eight Things Hoosier Crane Does Better