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Do You Need A New Crane? Hoosier Crane's Watchlist

You’ve spent a lot of money installing quality overhead crane equipment in your facility, and you’ve invested in training and safety programs to protect your workers when they use the equipment. It’s all paid off. You’ve increased your productivity, made more money, and improved your safety records.

But at what point do you need to consider investing in new equipment so you can maintain that high level of productivity, profit, and safety? Hoosier Crane has some answers for you, and we’ve developed a watchlist for you to consider when the time is right.

 The Breakdown Shakedown

When your older crane starts breaking down and shaking you down repeatedly for expensive repair bills it might be time to consider a new one. It’s costly when you have downtime because of equipment failure. The costs associated with replacement parts and labor for repairs can add up as well, especially since older cranes typically have expired warranties.

  Growing Pains

Your business has grown and therefore so have the demands on your production. If the cranes you purchased are being used to lift heavier and more material than they were originally designed to lift that can lead to problems. You may need equipment that operates at faster speeds and is better suited for the new demands of your growing business. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have a serious breakdown and or injured worker.

  Outdated Control Technology

New technology makes it safer for crane operators. Pendants and radio controls are pretty standard for cranes today, allowing the operator to stay clear of the load and have a better view of obstacles and hazards while the crane moves. This is another safety factor to consider with your older crane.

  Workers Getting Hurt

You have invested time and money into keeping your people safe and you’ve avoided major injuries. But if your outdated cranes and equipment are causing other health problems with your workers, including back problems, hand injuries, and mental fatigue, you should consider a new crane.

  Failed Inspections

Regular inspections of your cranes and equipment are required. They can help you discover potential problems, keep your people safe, avoid fines, and prevent legal problems. It seems obvious that if your cranes are routinely not passing inspections it is probably time for a new one. Hoosier Crane does offer inspection service, including nondestructive testing.

  Summary/Contact Us

These are all factors when considering the purchase of a new crane. We understand the complexity of such a decision, and we can help. Hoosier Crane designs, manufactures, installs, and services cranes. We can help you with your decision and we have built a strong reputation for quality work and integrity. Please feel free to contact us any time with questions about your current cranes and or new cranes.