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The Dangers of Arch Beam Cranes

Arch beam, also known as castellated beam or zipper-track, is a type of bridge beam that has a history of failure. This is partially because this type of beam hasn't been manufactured since 1962, meaning all of the current arch beams in production are older than 50 years old and most have outlived their useful life expectancy. There are still many arch beams currently in use in North America and Hoosier Crane recently came across a failed beam while doing an inspection.

arch beam break

About a year ago, while doing an inspection for a customer, we notified them about the dangers and possible failure of this type of arch beam. Unfortunately, those warnings went unheeded and the beam ended up failing. Fortunately, no workers were injured.

arch beam break

We want to use this example to warn every company that currently uses arch beams about their dangers, these include:

  • Cracks in the welds and lower T sections
  • Tracks that have the raised tread on the lower flange worn away
  • Most cranes have exceeded their useful life expectancy
  • Current inadequate crane maintenance regulations provide false sense of security

arch beam break

We highly recommend that all current arch beam be replaced with Tarca Beams. You can contact us at [email protected] or you can


If this is option is economically unavailable to you please call us at 1 (800) 509-6131 to come out and perform an inspection of your arch beam.

Arch beams, castellated beams, and zipper-tacks are a safety hazard and we want to do all we can to educate our customers and prevent any possible accidents.