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Conductix Saf-T-Bar Conductor Bar End of Life

We would like to make our customers aware that Conductix is obsoleting the Saf-T-Bar series of power bar for overhead cranes. This includes both the Saf-T-Bar Series C conductor bar and the T-Series Saf-T-Bar.

This is the original Howell Corporation Saf-T-Bar system that Conductix-Wampfler will stop producing. Select parts will continue to be available on a limited basis until all existing inventory is depleted. There are currently a few components that are no longer available for these systems. Complete overhead crane power bar systems using Saf-T-Bar are also no longer available.

Discontinued Saf-T-Bar C Series Power Bar

Discontinued Saf-T-Bar C Series

Discontinued Conductix Saf-T-Bar T Series Power Bar

Discontinued Saf-T-Bar T Series

Replacement Systems Available

Hoosier Crane can quote replacement power bar systems for overhead cranes and monorails that have existing Conductix Saf-T-Bar systems. We offer Safe-Lec 2 conductor bar as the new standard in Conductix crane electrification. Contact us today about upgrading or modernizing your old power bar system.

New Replacement Safe-Lec 2 System from Conductix

Replacement Safe-Lec 2 System from Conductix