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Cold Weather Crane Decisions

 Cold weather is here and it’s going to stick around for several more months. When you make decisions about   cranes or hoist equipment for use outside it’s important that you make the right choices.You want equipment that   can withstand extreme weather conditions and operate reliably in harsh, freezing temperatures.When deciding on   a  hoist, crane, or component for an outdoor application make sure you consider each piece of equipment before   you make a final decision. Working with the wrong components can result in equipment damage, employee  injuries,  and lost productivity.

 Hoosier Crane has experienced staff who can help you with these decisions. We use the standards established  by   the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) These standards provide temperature ranges for equipment  to  operate correctly. They can be very helpful when determining the best solutions for specific outside work.


The following are three important ASME standards for outdoor crane applications

  • ASME HST-2-1999 Performance Standard for Manually Operated Chain Hoists — Hoists and trolleys covered by this standard are intended for industrial use in ambient temperatures from 0 °F to 130 °F.
  • ASME HST-1-1999 Performance Standard for Electric Chain Hoists — Hoist equipment is designed to operate in ambient temperatures between 0 °F and 104 °F.
  • ASME B30.20 Below the Hook Lifting Devices — Additional considerations need to be taken into account if the working temperature is outside the range of 24 °F to 150 °F.

Cold temperatures can also have a serious impact on steel, and that can really affect the working ability of material handling cranes. The structure of steel can shift significantly when it’s exposed to extreme cold. It can actually become brittle. This shift in structural integrity can have a catastrophic, unpredictable impact on cranes and hoist equipment.

Since temperature can have such serious effects on material handling equipment and its ability to perform properly, it’s essential to select machinery that can not only withstand extreme temperatures but also adhere to the strictest industry standards. In fact, in cold-temperature applications, ASME recommends either derating your crane’s capacity or using steel that is better-suited for operation at lower temperatures.

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