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Bull Moose Tube Wire Rope Installations

new wire rope hoists

The new hoist is on the left and the older hoist being removed is on the right.

Doing It Right

We recently just finished up a wire rope installation at Bull Moose Tube Company. Hoosier Crane installed a total of four wire ropes on two separate double girder cranes. These wire ropes are around 15 years old and were in bad need of replacement. Each of the two double girder cranes required a different approach to change out their wire rope hoists. On the first double girder crane, we were able to keep the crane installed and use a separate mobile crane to remove the old hoists and install the new ones.

wire rope installation

Our skilled technicians were able to wire the new hoists while high up in the air.

The second double girder crane that needed its wire rope hoists changed out didn't have enough headroom above it for us to use a mobile crane to remove the hoists. That meant the whole crane had to be taken down using a power lifter, have its hoists installed on the ground, and then raised back up to its original position. Below is a video showing the process of reinstalling the crane back into the bay.


Those two shiny yellow objects on top of that crane are the new wire rope hoists that will provide better lifting efficiency for years to come.