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Boosting Productivity with Workstation Cranes

Recent modifications to Gorbel's Workstation Cranes have resulted in 35-50% productivity ratio improvements across the product line.

Gorbel Enclosed Track DetailGorbel's enclosed track design already was the most efficient design for workstation and push type cranes in the market.  Gorbel's steel and aluminum workstation crane systems use an enclosed track design that makes for long life and easy movement.  The enclosed track has a 2° taper on the running flange, which keeps the wheels centered in the track and prevents dirt and debris from settling onto the track.  This is all part of a design to ensure the smoothest, easiest movement possible.

Gorbel's moto "A Class Above" is illustrated best in their commitment to continuous improvement.  As a result of these efforts Gorbel recently made modifications formance.  The result of the intensive process that involved all parts of the system including trolleys, wheels, bridge and runway weldments, and end trucks is that the Gorbel system moves easier than at any time before.

The result of Gorbel's efforts means significant productivity ratio improvements from 35-50% across capacities from 250 pounds to 2,000 pounds.  These improvements are available in both Free standing Workstation Cranes and in Ceiling Mounted Workstation Cranes.

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For more information please download the Gorbel Work station Crane brochure below.

Ceiling Mounted Work station Crane from Gorbel
Gorbel Workstation Crane Brochure
Gorbel Workstation Crane Brochure