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Motorized Gantry Crane

For larger capacity loads, up to 15 tons, with larger lift heights and spans, motorized options make it easier to move your load.  We offer powered gantry cranes and powered semi gantry options to meet any material handling need regardless of your building design.  When working with a larger gantry crane the weight of the crane structure and the weight of a heavier load,  motorizing the travel of the gantry crane becomes mandatory.

Motorized Gantry Crane Options:

  • Standard Capacities from 1 ton to 15 tons
  • Height under beam up to 35 feet
  • Standard Spans up to 40 feet
  • Pendant Control or Radio Remote Control options
  • Custom Engineered Solutions also available

Motorized Gantry Cranes: 1/2 - 15 Tons

Motorized gantry cranes are great heavy duty solutions for when a load is too heavy for a push gantry.

Semi Gantry with underhung endtruck

Semi Gantry Cranes: 1 to 15 Tons

Semi Gantry Cranes: Half Overhead Crane & Half Motorized Gantry - one great material handling solution.