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Manual Chain Hoist

Easy, affordable, and tough manual chain hoists

Manual Hoists are a great solution for a variety of maintenance, construction, and material handling tasks. Multiply your hand power to lift loads up to 10 tons making possible safe handling of materials with less man power or back strain.

CM Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hoist

CM Hand Chain Hoists

CM Hand Chain Hoists are Versatile and durable with capacities from 1/2 ton to 10 tons. American Made models available.

CM Series 653 Lever Hoist

CM Lever Hoists

CM Lever Hoists are versatile tools for pulling, stretching and hoisting application for loads of 1/8 ton to 10 tons.

CM Hoist Series 602 category

Series 602 & 603 Mini Lever Hoists

Mini-Ratchet Lever Hoists lift up to 1100 lbs. plus the convenience of toolbox storage.

CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist

CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist

The CM Cyclone hand chain hoist is one of the most reliable and most popular ever designed.

Hoosier Crane offers the following:

  • Quality Products
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  • Assist in installation questions immediately over the phone or email
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  • We are a small company that provides big advantages to our customers