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Jib Crane Safe Operating Tips

Hoosier Crane Offers and full line of Jib Cranes and and Jib Crane Service and Inspections.  Jib Crane Inspections should be carried out on a regular 6-12 month basis by a professional crane inspector, call us to schedule an inspection if you are over due or are not certain of the status of your jib crane inspections.

In between inspections it is the responsibility of the jib operator and of the owner of the jib crane to maintain a safe working environment.   These following tip for Jib Crane safety will help to to minimize injuries and provide a long life for your jib crane system.

Safety Tips for Operating you Jib CraneMotorized Cantilever jib crane

  • Always check that the travel path is clear before moving the load and/or jib arm
  • Never overload the jib crane, maintain awareness of the total load capcity including rigging and below the hook devices
  • Always position the jib arm carefully
  • Be aware of any equipment or other personell that may move into the path of the jib
  • You should always push loads, not pull them
  • Always take the lift slowly to avoid shock loading
  • Always ensure the block is over the centre of gravity
  • Never use a defective jib crane or lifting accessories
  • Never drag a load using the jib arm, load should be clean of floor and obstructions
  • Avoid swinging the load which can 
  • Don’t let the trolley crash into the end stops, this can cause the load to whip out which increases the effective radius, and so the load imposed on the structure and mechanisms
  • Loads should be lowered slowly and with care to avoid whipping of the jib arm.