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fall protection

What are the key components of a fall protection system?

Nearly all fall protection equipment is made of 4 key parts.

  1. The anchorage and anchorage connector - The anchorage is usually referred to as the tie-off point. An example of an anchorage would be an I-beam or an engineered fall protection system like a Gorbel Tether Track System.
  2. The anchorage connector - The anchorage connector is used to pair the connecting device to the anchorage.
  3. The connecting device - The connecting device is the link that joins the body wear to the anchorage connector.

Lifelines and Lanyards

The selection of a proper lanyards and lifeline is an essential part of an effective fall protection system. Lanyards and lifelines attach to the D ring of the workers fall protection harness on one end and to the anchor point or fall protection system on the other end.


Fall protection harnesses are an essential part of a fall protection system. Safety harnesses secure workers to fall protection systems by either lanyards or self retracting lifelines. 


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