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ASME B30.20-2003

From ASME B30.20-2003
Section: 20-1.4.3(h)

Conduct of Lifting Device Operators

All controls shall be tested by the operator before use during a shift.  If any controls do not operate properly, they should be adjusted or repaired before operations.

Crane and Hoist Definitions and Terms

Abnormal Operating Conditions - Environmental conditions that are unfavorable, harmful, or detrimental to or for the operation of a hoist, such as excessively high or low ambient temperatures, exposure to weather, corrosive fumes, dust laden or moisture laden atmospheres, and hazardous locations.

Anchor Bolt - A bolt used with its head embedded in masonry or concrete and its threaded part protruding to hold a jib crane in place.

Overhead Crane Operator Training Courses

HOOSIER CRANE can provide comprehensive Overhead Crane Operators Training.  This on-site course is 2-3 hours and covers the OSHA, ASME and CMAA requirements for becoming a qualified crane operator.

  • ASME B30.2-3.1 Qualifications for and conduct of operators
  • CMAA Crane Operators Manual

ASME B30.2-3.1.1 Purpose of Crane Operator Training states that crane operator training shall be provided to promote proficient performance of a crane operator in conformance with the provisions...

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