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A wall-mounted jib crane offers a perfect balance of economy and space-saving. Ideal when floor space is limited, they still fit underneath overhead cranes and can be quickly rotated out of the way. They can also be used for long lateral load movement.

A Wall Mount Saves Money and Room

Compact and simple, a wall-mounted jib crane uses your building as its load-bearing mast. They can be rotated up to 200 degrees and swung out of the way of other operations.

Since the unit is mounted to the wall, no floor space whatsoever is needed. The force of the load spreads out to the structure of your building, to which the crane must be securely attached. The horizontal load-bearing beam is the jib and, in the case of wall mount cranes, may handle up to 5 tons.

How a Wall Mount Jib Crane Works

Possibly the simplest type of crane, the jib is typically set 90 degrees from the wall and swung around the axis. The crane has three directions of movement:

  • Rotational
  • Traversing
  • Vertical

The horizontal beam rotates around the axis while the hoist lifts and lowers the load. For lateral movement along the jib, a trolley assembly traverses the beam.

Load, Lift and Length

Wall mount jib cranes come with a few essential options.
The three key elements to consider first when choosing a jib crane are

  • Lift Capacity
  • Span
  • Power or Unpowered

Heavy-duty wall mounted jibs can handle up to 5-tons, while light loads – up to about a ton – can often be handled with a light, hand-powered crane, providing significant savings. Most loads over that will need a motor to move the components and lift the load.

A hoist weight allowance is included in most wall-mounted cranes, usually around 15%. We sell wall mount jib cranes built by Gorbel, Handling Systems International, Spanco, and Abel Howell.

How far does the crane need to reach? Consider the span length carefully. Longer spans can be useful, but in tight quarters they can be a serious barrier. The span typically ranges from about 8 feet to 30 feet for wall mounted cranes.

Since the crane is installed at the height of your choice, height under boom (HUB) can be customized. Our engineers can help you choose the perfect crane for your specific needs. Some additional engineering may be required on site.

Ideal Applications

With many options for wall mounted cranes (including outdoor ones), there’s likely a perfect match for your needs. The lightest ones are incredibly affordable and can increase worker productivity with minimal investment. Motorized ones work well to supplement overhead cranes. Common uses for them are found in many fields:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Machinery
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical

We provide, install, and work on many different types of cranes by a wide range of manufacturers.